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About this Portal
Deepesh Pant - Itsnotme! :: Welcome Aboard! ::
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DEEPESH.COM.NP is basically a personal homepage of Deepesh Pant and it features the interest, career, hobby, friends of Itsnotme!

Deepesh Pant - Itsnotme!Greetings from Itsnotme! - "Itsnotme!" who??...

Well, Itsnotme is me - Deepesh Pant!

Itsnotme! has been nick ever since I was introduced to the world of Internet, that would be since way back in the year 1999. Its a silhouette that I find witty which I can associate with myself.

A few more things about me:
Sketching and drawing was my favorites time pass in the schooldays. I was equally good at BASIC Programming during those days. Perhaps this turned out to be the reason behind my passion towards Web Development - as I get to pour-in best from both the worlds... that’s designing+programming.

About this portal:
Rather than dedicating the entire site on me and make it weary, I chose to make it a good time-killer. All of the articles listed in here are taken from the forwarded/shared emails which I received over the time, and my sincere thanks to all those who have sent them to me. Do go through some of the following segments on this site: Amazing | Funny | Inspirational