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Windows 10 Upgrade Failed restart after 30% installation
Interactions - troubleshoot

Windows 10 upgrade failure, previous version of Windows restored - Troubleshooting / Possible Fix

"Your upgrade is ready to install" was the notification I received on my Windows 7 on 29th of July afternoon. Excited, I clicked the begin installation button and followed the instructions on the screen, I stayed glued to my computer making sure I miss not even a single message on the screen.

My windows upgrade advanced until 30% completion without much difficulty. After that, the setup required an automatic computer restart. It restarted normally but after that it was not able to continue with the update. I could momentarily see flashes of screen that read something like "attempting to resume the Windows installation...", but it never could show up the same 30% installed screen after that point. Eventually after few more attempts it auto-restarted and this time it read, "Restoring your previous version of windows".

Joomla 1.5.x domain redirection loop problem
Interactions - troubleshoot

Redirection loop in Joomla 1.5.x (using sh404sef plugin)

If you recently tried moving the Joomla 1.5.x site from your old domain to a new one and while doing so, your website is stuck in a loop between your old and new domains, causing the index page to never load, this solution might help you.

PayPal, IPN and Sandbox working solution
Interactions - troubleshoot

Paypal, IPN and Sandbox troublesIntegrating PayPal into websites have mostly been a painful task for me. The sandbox testing is dicey and almost unpredictable in my experience. I’m not sure how others feel but for I think they need to work on their documentation and make things concise and simpler for new users.

The unreadable characters stored in MySQL database
Interactions - troubleshoot

The strange looking and unreadable characters stored in MySQL database while working with PHP/MySQL website.

If you happen to use unicode text in your PHP website and store data into MySQL database;  and in doing so if you see that the database is saving series of unusual characters (unreadable characters instead of the actual unicode text) , this is because of the encoding settings that you did not make up while setting up the connection.

I had this problem while I was trying to store Nepali unicode text inside the database. Everything regarding encoding of table and database seemed fine but I was not getting the desired result. After trying various things I ended up doing this procedure and voila, it worked!

Android : Your device is not compatible with this item.
Interactions - troubleshoot

android-incompatible-thumbGet past that nagging screen on your android device: "Your device is not compatible with this item".

Last month I upgraded my Android from Froyo to Ginger Yoshi 1.5 (Gingerbread 2.3.5). Later while trying to install a couple of apps, I got this nagging message that told: "Your device is not compatible with this item", and would not allow me install/update the APP.

I could not even install the basic apps like YouTube, Google Maps and Facebook; all of which I had been using ever since I got the phone set in my hands (Pic1). After doing days of research and skimming through web pages I found that culprit was not the new OS but it was the mobile's new screen resolution. So all I wanted to do was temporarily set the resolution of my mobile screen to recommended settings and try installing the apps. I did the same and boom – it worked!

Most popular article for last n days under Joomla 1.6
Interactions - troubleshoot

logo_joomla16_cuadradoHow to fetch the most popular story of last few days, last week, last month (or simply last N days) for Joomla 1.6

In Joomla 1.6, mod_articles_popular fetches the most popular articles for all time and shows the result accordingly. You have control over the result almost like the one with articles_category module; however, what if you want to show the most popular articles of last N days (say the past week)?

With a few and small tweaks, you can add this feature to the core mod_articles_popular and make it accept last N days to show the result based on this settings. 

How to compose a XHTML Newsletter
Interactions - troubleshoot

Email-Newsletter-299x300Coding the XHTML for emails (newsletters) can be a tricky business, especially because the end result depends upon the email clients used. Here are a few guide lines I found helpful while designing the newsletter templates.

The CKEditor tweaks
Interactions - troubleshoot

ckeditor logoHere are a few tips for configuring CKEditor.


Skin the Rich Text Area:

To skin the textarea, simply include the following config:

CKEDITOR.config.contentsCss = 'ckeditor/contents.css';

[Contents.css is packed with the default download and is ready to be configured]

Make sure to clear your cache or the textarea might fail to show the custom styles.

Missing thumbnail image while sharing link on facebook
Interactions - troubleshoot

facebookWhy is the thumbnail pictures from my website does not show up on Facebook?

The easiest way to check is to copy the URL of one of your images and post it on your wall. If it does not show,the problem could be because of one or more of the following reasons: