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Unusual Inventions
Interesting - Funny
A collection some of the most weird, unusual, wackiest, funniest, stupidest, smartest, dumbest and genius inventions from around the world.
Sent by: Pooja

Weird invention: 360 degree camera, single click

360 degree camera


Dumb invention: Secret electric socket stash. Awesome anti-theft invention

Awesome anti-theft invention


Smart invention: Baby-mop - let him help you with floor cleanup

babymop weirdbabymop weird


Genius invention: Very useful for twins!

genius invention


Dumb invention: The shared/coupled cigarette- sharing is caring!

dumb invention


Funny and smart invention: Is that cup transparent... wait, does she have a moustache?

funny and smart invention


Smart invention: You won't need to dirty your hands. To-do tatoos for your lists.

to-do tatoo


Stupid invention: Beer - even a baby can do this now!

beer bottle


Stupid invention: Baby shared carrier

woodpecker and huge tree humor


Stupid invention: Lying in your arm.

lying in your arm


Stupid invention: Hairy 'cap' for your hair-less 'scalp'

hairy cap


Weird invention: Taking out dogs on those rainy days.

dog umbrella


Stupid invention: Butter stick

butter stick


Stupid invention: When you want to eat something HOT and not burn your mouth

food blower


Stupid invention: Runny nose? Well get unlimited supply of tissue paper.

nose blower


Stupid invention: Get a Grip - better grip for your wine glasses

better grip wine glass


Stupid invention: When you are in hurry and want to have perfect finish for your lip-sticks

lip aligner


Stupid invention: Rain harvest is good way to re-use water.

rain harvest


Stupid invention: Best time to utilise your time - practice golf (in your restroom).

good use of time


Stupid invention: Smoke-free and environment friendly lighter for your cigarette!

environment friendly lighter


Stupid invention: Forgetful? Use this strap so that next time you don;t forget where you left your glass.

wine glass neck holder