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I think they are in trouble
I think they are in troubleOh no! is what you might want to say for these people... perhaps a few funny and some unlucky encounters; have a look at them.
Sent by: Stuti
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Beijing Olympic You Can't See From Television!
Olympic you can't see from television. (Beijing 2008)Seen it on TV, seen it over the net! Wasn't that one event to remember? Well re-live the moments with a few very close look ups - barely visible on your TV. The Beijing Opening ceremony pictures.
Sent by: Sakhie
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Restaurant... Food is Free!
Restaurant - Free FoodOh yeah... you heard it right... Food is absolutely FREE in this restaurant. Wanna visit?
Sent by: Sakhie
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The World's First Flying Hotel
The World's First Flying Hotel This Flying Hotelicopter features 18 luxuriously-appointed rooms for adrenaline junkies seeking a truly unique and memorable travel experience.
Sent by: Ashika Singh
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Best Logistics
Best LogisticsThey say: Necessity is the mother of invention. For these people; they have developed their own idea to overcome with their needs.
Sent by: Sakhie
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Feather Painting
Feather PaintingCool and detailed painting not on any other surface, but a feather. Detailed pictures, isn't this amazing?
Sent by: Sakhie
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Unusual Inventions
A collection some of the most weird, unusual, wackiest, funniest, stupidest, smartest, dumbest and genius inventions from around the world.
Sent by: Pooja
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bRoken eNglisH!

These are some dialogs said by teachers and professors who are not so good at ENGLISH.

Our class teacher once said:
"Pick up the paper and fall in the dustbin!!!"

Here's another one:

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